Engineered Support Structures
Lighting and Traffic Poles and Structures

Area lighting poles for parking lots and public areas.
Sports lighting structures for arenas and stadiums.
Decorative lighting poles. Traffic and sign structures.
Street and high-mast lighting poles.

Specialty Structures
Monopoles, towers and structures for cellular, PCS,
broadcast, microwave and two-way communications.
Wireless communication components. Minimum visual
impact structures. Overhead sign structures.

Utility Poles
and Structures

Utility transmission and distribution
poles. Utility substation structures.

Coatings for
Metal Products

Galvanizing, anodizing, powder
coatings and integrated graphics.

Irrigation and
Water Management

Mechanized irrigation.
Wastewater consulting services

Custom-made tubing used for mufflers,
fire extinguishers, grain augers, railings,
fences and other industrial applications.